Shipping and payment

Standard terms of delivery: FCA (Incoterms 2018).

Payment: cashless payments, terms and conditions according to the contract. Retail and small wholesale are available for cash.

Approximate product batches:
A.1-240 pcs. (up to 1 pallets) - retail;
B.241 - 1000 pcs. - small wholesale;
C.1000 - 6000 pcs. - average wholesale;
D.6000 and more - wholesale, large wholesale.

Shipment of all the products: motor transport, sea 40-foot containers, self-pickup, delivery.

! The loadings of the containers are done in approximately 5 days before the date of departure of the vessel.
Sample shipping rates

Barbecue boxes
Wholesale shipment by sea 40-foot HC-containers or trucks.
Number of boxes on a pallet: 240 pcs., 1 box gross weight 1,5 kg, pallet weight 360 kg.

Number of pallets:
- in a container - 22 pcs., total boxes - 5280 pcs .;
- in the truck - 33 pcs. pallet, total boxes - 7920 pcs .;
- 38 pcs. pallet, total boxes - 9120 pcs.
Loading into container without pallet: approximately 6000-6200 pcs.
To avoid deformation of the lower rows of boxes - at least 3 lower rows can be made of high-strength cardboard. Specify about an additional option.

Packaging: paper bags weighing 2.5 kg or 3 kg.
On the pallet: packages of 2.5 kg - 180 pcs. Weight 1 pallet - 450 kg.
22 pallets in a container. 33/38 pallets in the truck.
On a pallet: packages of 3 kg - 150 pcs. Weight 1 pallet - 450 kg.
22 pallets in a container. 33/38 pallets in the truck.
It is possible to additionally load the pallet manually into the container.

Charcoal briquettes
Packaging: 2.5 kg, paper bags.
Weight of one pallets: 600 kg.
On a pallet: 240 pcs.
22 pallets per container; 33 pallets per truck.

Hookah coal
Packaging: cardboard, 1 kg.
Packing by request.
Fuel briquettes
Packaging: plastic bags of increased strength of 10 and 20 kg.


- by sea: through the Odessa Commercial Sea Port (Odessa, Ukraine);
- by auto transport: through the industrial base (Odessa, Ukraine).

Container/truck delivery: industrial base (Odessa, Ukraine).
When shipped by sea, an MCDC certificate is provided.

Pini-Kay briquettes, fuel briquettes and firewood: lot sizes, packing and other essential details are discussed after receiving a request from the Buyer.
The delivery of products in assortment is possible.
(50% barbecue-boxes + 50% of the range).

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