When it comes to real barbecue, grill or picnic, it is impossible to do without certain important things. In order to have a source of fire, you will need coal, firewood or coal briquettes. In order to ignite this coal, we need some substances for ignition.
Charcoal production is the most ancient technology of mankind. It was charcoal that initiated the development of civilization. The need for charcoal has grown, that is why it is being produced in so many places. About 9 million tons of charcoal are produced annually in the world nowadays. The technology of charcoal production, on the one hand, is rather simple, but on the other hand, it is quite unique. It requires a certain production culture. The time has come for new technologies, new equipment, experience and knowledge that help to successfully implement the right technologies for the production of charcoal and find the necessary application for it.
The charcoal is smokeless, odorless, it does not spark, does not contain any chemical additives, it has high calorific value, it easily ignites and burns for 2-3 hours.
Cooking over an open fire is a natural way of cooking for many nations that has thousands of years of traditions. And so we decided to combine these traditions, the traditional ritual of cooking, exceptionally high-quality and natural ingredients, mobility and simplicity, rationality and the desire to get a guaranteed excellent result.

And all this is perfectly embodied in our main product -
a barbecue box.

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