About us

The company LLC ZELLO Ukraine has been producing coal from environmentally friendly raw materials for more than 5 years.

We manufacture and sell:
- the barbecue boxes;
- the charcoal;
- the charcoal briquettes;
- the hookah coal made from a nutshell;
- the fuel briquettes from carbon black / coal raw materials.

In the production we use only solid wood.
Now we produce about 100 tons of charcoal and charcoal products per month.

The charcoal of our brand is very economical, it does not smoke or soot, it does not give a flame. It gives an optimum heat amount and at the same time it is environmentally friendly and absolutely safe for health.

The coal briquettes are made of our own coal and produced on high-quality Ukrainian equipment, which means that they adopt all the above-mentioned advantages, but at the same time they are spent in much less quantity and they are not crumbling. All listed types of fuel are made exclusively from hardwood, such as oak, beech, hornbeam and apple.

Our advantages
All the clients who cooperate with us on a regular or periodic basis noted the high effect not only of individual specialists, but also of the whole company.
Over the years, we have honed our methodologies and the mastery of making the perfect product, so today the perfect charcoal is the brainchild of our laborious and hard work.
Each step of the production process is carefully monitored by professional staff who does not allow the release of illiquid or defective material.
Our Company sells coal to all industrial
and private consumers,
so the cost is fixed at a loyal and quite attractive level.
Coal production is carried out exclusively from natural raw materials, without the addition of impurities and is not accompanied by the inclusion of any chemicals.
Our company is interested in active and long-term, as well as periodic deliveries of products to the enterprises that constantly need charcoal
for their productive work.
We can offer even more attractive prices to customers who buy
the material wholesale.

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