Technology and equipment

Charcoal production is the most ancient technology of mankind. It was charcoal that initiated the development of civilization. The need for charcoal has grown, that is why it is being produced in so many places. About 9 million tons of charcoal are produced annually in the world nowadays. The technology of charcoal production, on the one hand, is rather simple, but on the other hand, it is quite unique. It requires a certain production culture. The time has come for new technologies, new equipment, experience and knowledge that help to successfully implement the right technologies for the production of charcoal and find the necessary application for it.

Charcoal is a microporous high carbon product formed during the pyrolysis of wood without air. Charcoal is classified in the system of standards: DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) EN1860-2: 2015 Part 2 «Charcoal and charcoal briquettes».

In the production of our base product - which is the charcoal - we use traditional production methods, our own equipment, skills and many years of experience, and, of course, high-quality raw materials.
The possibilities of the packing complex (for charcoal) allow us to organize the different-sized packing of both own-produced coal and raw materials supplied by the customer, as well as the provision of packing services.
A small complex of equipment (Ukrainian production)
allows producing high-quality product - wood-coal briquettes.
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