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Barbecue-box is the easiest way to cook barbecue, kebab, grill anytime and anywhere, and not only on the open air. It is completely ready for use. All we need for a tasty picnic is to choose a convenient place, set the box into the grill, fireplace or onto the ground and ignite it properly.
Everything is very simple and quick. No chemical agents, only natural ingredients.
You light up the ignition through a special perforated hole.
Then the box itself is set up on fire, as well as our special charcoal «pie» which is the high-quality charcoal laid on wooden «wool» ( medium-sized fraction charcoal is for fast ignition; medium and large fractions and 100% charcoal briquettes are meant for long-lasting heat maintenance).
Remembering the importance of the initial stage of the correct ignition of coal, we took care of you and attached a special cardboard fan from the outside (bottom) of the box. After 10-15 minutes the heat is ready. And you enjoy the excellent heat and convenient preparation of your products for at least 45-50 minutes.
Boxing weight: gross - 1.5 kg, net - 1.3 kg of high-quality coal.
It is used for cooking meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and sausages on a picnic, in a hike or in the garden. It does not need any additional means for ignition. On the grill you can cook about 2 kg of meat.
Such grills are very popular among the Europeans. They are happy to cook their favorite meals on it just in the park, sitting on the grass. One-time grill, without exaggeration, is a great invention for the inhabitants of the metropolis.
Barbecue boxes are assembled by hand, which allows us to control the quality
of the «assembly», and you are guaranteed to get a quality product!

If desired, barbecue boxes can be equipped with:
- steel grill;
- a foil tray (for coal utilization).

High-quality charcoal of its own production. Only certified and qualitative raw materials are used for its production. And only solid wood is used: oak, hornbeam, beech and apple.

The charcoal is packed in paper bags.
Packing options are 2.5 kg and 3 kg.
It is charred by pyrolysis.
They are produced exclusively from hardwood trees.
Briquette size: length 150-300 mm, diameter 40 mm, cylinder shape (the shape and size of the briquettes can vary according to the customer's request and depending on the size of the batch).
The briquettes correspond to the characteristics of charcoal grade «A»:
- carbon content - 90-95%;
- humidity - about 2%;
- calorific value - more than 8000 Kcal/kg;
- the minimum ash content is 1.5%.
Burning time is 3-6 times longer compared to the regular charcoal. It grants the constant temperature of burning, it does not sparkle and it does not ignite from a fat falling into it. It burns almost without smoke, and emits CO2 far less.
It significantly saves storage and retail space, it does not crumble, does not raise dust, it is an ideal fuel for using it in public places, residential premises and restaurants.
It is convenient for transportation: 8 tons of charcoal or 18 tons of briquettes in small packing can be accommodated in a euro truck.
The hardwood and natural binder are used exclusively in the production so it is a 100% organic product.
The industrial production per month is 20-50 tons
(there is a possibility of an increase).
Packing in paper bags, weight 2.5 kg.
Other packing options are possible.
The advantages of charcoal briquettes:

- beautiful aesthetic impression of burning;
- charcoal briquettes do not spark when burning and burn with no smoke;
- they cannot be crushed during transportation ;
- they do not raise any dust;
- they are superior on qualitative indicators compared to wooden raw materials;
- they have a low ash content.

The diameter of the briquettes is 40 mm, length - 150-300 mm.
Production volume: 20 -50 tons per month (the increase is possible).

As soon as you try the charcoal briquettes, you will immediately feel the advantage of these briquettes over charcoal. Charcoal briquette is made of pure oak without any impurities, which is charred by pyrolysis.
Eco-friendly. Quality assurance.

The coal produced by our company is high-quality. It is suitable for both home use and for restaurants and hookah places. Hookah coal is produced solely from the natural component which is a walnut shell. It is well compressed and provides high heat during smoking. It has the shape of a cube. It ignites quickly and it does not have an off-odor while being ignited. Ash retains the shape of a cube, does not make smoke. The taste of tobacco is not changed and the heat lasts more than 45 minutes! The briquette does not break when dropped onto a hard surface from a height of up to 1.5 meters.
The type of packaging and the number of briquettes in one package is negotiated with each customer individually.
The size of the cube is 2.6 x2, 6 cm.
1 kg contains 64 cubes. Coal is packed in a plastic bag, cardboard box, 1 kg.

The advantages of coal from a nutshell:
- flammable;
- natural in taste and smell, with a delicate aroma;
- long burning time and mild heat;
- during combustion, a small amount of ash remains;
- high burning temperature;
- does not «shoot», does not cause cough, does not fade.

Technical information:
- fixed carbon: 83-85%
- total humidity: 5-6%
- ash content: 1-2%

There is an excellent quality in a new brand. Only organic ingredients are used during the manufacture process which is clean, qualitative burned walnut and a natural binder.

Fuel briquettes are high-quality and efficient fuel for your stoves and boilers, which will replace coal anthracite. The heat of combustion is equal to the coal.
The briquettes are odorless; they burn into dust and do not make smoke. They can be stored under a canopy. It is a profitable alternative to expensive coal. Fuel briquettes are produced by pressing coal, carbon raw materials and additional admixtures.
It is used for solid fuel boilers, fireplaces and all the other types of stoves.
Fuel briquettes are used for heating residential and support facilities. This type of fuel has a high calorific value and duration of burning, which can significantly reduce heating costs.
The same briquette size (the diameter is 50 mm, length - 200-300 mm) ensures an even and long burning, without any smoke or carbon scale. And cost-effective packaging allows to use the briquettes rationally and controllably, taking into account all the fluctuations in external temperature.
It is packed into plastic bags of 10 kg and 20 kg. Different packaging options are possible.
The advantage of fuel briquettes regarding the other types of fuel:
- fuel economy, which occurs due to the absence of the fines fraction;
- increase the efficiency of heating units;
- no sintered slags are formed in the process of burning - it is easily removed ash that remains;
- environmentally friendly components that, when burned, do not pollute the environment;
- convenient packaging.

Optimal sales market: the southern part of Ukraine.
Dry oak firewood is the traditional and classic source of heat and good mood. It is perfectly suited for outdoor cooking as well as for a cozy pastime by the fireplace.

Packing: 3 kg mesh.

Different packaging options are possible.
Charcoal briquettes Pini-Kay are ideal for the open fire cooking . Charcoal briquettes for barbecue grills and jospers burn three times longer than the regular charcoal.
Charcoal briquettes have low ash content, high heat emission and an even heat.

The charcoal briquettes of excellent quality are packed in a cardboard box of 10 kg.

At wholesale purchase the delivery of products
in full assortment is possible.

(50% barbecue-boxes + 50% of the assortment).
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